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Let’s talk horse auctions

Why we started our rescue

This is a story about who we are and why we became a rescue - Our love and compassion to save the ones that need us has become our mission.

Join us with Horse Plus Humane Society

It’s been just a little over a year since our full circle of life episode with Horse Plus Humane Society aired . Today we did a live podcast to catch up and see where we all stand !

Education Day

When to use injections for your horse

Ride On with Ty and Seirra Green

With the devastating accident with our head trainer Brandy we had to seek out additional help while she is recovering Seirra is our equine chiropractor and farrier she has taken in some of our horses in the past and has trained them for our adopters

The Big Reveal - Horse Rescue Warrior Season One Episode 5

Last Freedom Ride For Liberation

We only knew Liberation for a short period of time. But in that time period he touched many souls. This video contains graphic pictures.

Slaughter Pipeline Freedom Rides Horse Rescue Warriors Episode 4

The Kill Buyer Is Defeated! Horse Rescue Warriors Season One Episode 3

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