We have had a new calling!
A new mission
And that mission is to stop the trucks before they hit an auction!!!

We are now doing a buy out program where we will intercept the trucks on the way to an auction and will prevent equines from going into the slaughter pipeline. Our first buy out program of 2024 was a huge success in June of 2024 where we saved 23 foals and yearlings from being subjected to an auction and thrown into the slaughter pipeline.

Join us in our new mission to save lives !!!
Donations are crucial to achieve this mission


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For The Love Of The Hoof is a family ran 501 (c) 3 non-profit, pro horse equine rescue organization. We are located on 40 acres near Seligman, a small town with a population of 764 people, located along a preserved section of Route 66 between Flagstaff and Kingman, on the northern border of Yavapai County.

We are not a sanctuary. We rescue wild and domestic horses slated for slaughter, along with neglected horses and law enforcement seizures.  We are an open-admission rescue and accept horses regardless of their condition, which sometimes can be dire. Our mission is to save equines from the slaughter pipeline from kill buyers and horse traders and give them a second chance to find loving homes.

  • I just wanted to share how much I love this mare.  

    We've been riding almost every day, she is calm, steady, and goes wherever I point her.  She does, however, know exactly when I'm not paying attention  and veers off the trail towards home.  It cracks me up.

    Thank you Wendy, for saving this incredible horse.  

    On a side note, I suffer from extreme anxiety and have been struggling with it for 3 years.  Since Josie has come into our lives, I am more confident and my anxiety is almost non existent.

    Please share our success story.  I know it will let others know how much of a positive impact your organization has had for the horses and humans!

    Thanks again, you guys ROCK!!!

    • Juli & Drew
    • Adopted Josie
  • Hi Wendy I just wanted to give you an update on Ida May (aka Silver). She’s now a queen horse on top of being my daughter’s gymkhana horse

    • Ida May aka Silver
  • Wendy, it’s Sheba! I just wanted to update you on my girls Bambi and Nicole I almost lost Bambi last March to a bad colic but after 5k vet bills she pulled through .. was the hardest month of my life   Still the greatest horse I’ve ever had and now Nicole is a strong pony who’s eyes have healed completely Bambi is still putting weight back on but I’m determined to get her 100 percent together with time.
    It’s been 6 years now with Bambi and I always say how grateful I am for your rescue. Thank you for changing my life for the better ❤️ I hope all is well

    • Sheba
    • Bambi & Nicole
  • I adopted Nobel now known as Dylan. He is a wonderful horse. I have had no problems at all. I was told that he doesn't like his face touched but we have worked that out. I also was told he would back away from people not any more. Dylan has a had to learn that mini horses are not scary and intact he and Dixie are BFF's After losing my horse Reily to a fast growing mouth cancer I didn't want to start looking for horse. It took me so long to find him. So thankful I stumbled on to for the love of the hoof and found my new boy. I tell everyone I meet about all the good work you are doing to save these wonderful animals.

    • Betsi
    • Nobel now known as Dylan
  • Praline was rescued from the slaughter pipeline in May And now has found her forever home. Thank you to all of you that participated. For those of you that did not win you are all winners in our eyes! Congratulations Michelle!

    • Praline
    • Rescued from the slaughter pipeline May 2023
  • I wanted to reach out to let you know the impact Emersyn (now Tully) has had on me and our family and thank you for giving us the opportunity! She is my heart horse and I couldn’t be happier with her! It breaks my heart to know she ended up at auction but I wanted to let you know she’s very loved and happy! Because of Tully, my husband and I have reached out to some local rescues down here in southern Az to see how we can help, turns out, we’ve been asked to take over an existing rescue! We’ve started the process and are changing the rescue name to Copper Starr Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation. Since my husband is a veteran we want to use our rescue as a way to not only rescue horses but to help local veterans. I just wanted to let you know how you’ve impacted us and in turn impacted the horse rescue community!

    • Jamie
    • Tully (previously Emersyn)

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