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For The Love Of The Hoof is a family ran 501 (c) 3 non-profit, pro horse equine rescue organization. We are located on 40 acres near Seligman, a small town with a population of 764 people, located along a preserved section of Route 66 between Flagstaff and Kingman, on the northern border of Yavapai County.

We rescue wild and domestic horses slated for slaughter, along with neglected horses and law enforcement seizures. We also accept owner surrendered horses from people who can no longer care for the animals. With every owner surrendered horse we ask for a surrender fee to help accommodate the horse's needs while in our care. We are an open-admission rescue and accept horses regardless of their condition, which sometimes can be dire.

  • Toby was saved from Slaughter in January 2023 and is enjoying his new life !!

  • Just wanted to let you know that Blaze is doing great!  We’ve decided to keep the name because it fits him and has a western flair. The vet saw him on Monday got his first visit to establish care. They had time, so they floated his teeth. 😊. The mare to the right of his stall is in love with him and he’s made friends with the gelding to the left. We are so impressed at how calm and easy going he is!  We are all enjoying him so much!!

    • Blaze saved from slaughter.
  • This is my best friend Gabriel. He was named Duke previously for a few weeks by the wonderful people at For the Love of the Hoof. Someone had thrown my Gabriel away and left him to a potentially horrible fate. But For the Love of the Hoof stepped in and saved him so I could keep saving him. He is the nicest horse we have ever met. Friendly, outgoing, silly, affectionate. We have yet to find a single thing he does wrong. Thank you Wendy and family for taking the discarded and restoring their hope and dignity. It’s been wonderful to be a part of this process and to get a wonderful new friend as well. It’s hard to get a good picture of him because he follows me everywhere. He’s a doll. We are madly in love. Hope to ride next weekend…was waiting for weight to improve .

    • Gabriel (Duke) rescued from Slaughter January 2023
  • Hope is such a joy. She is the perfect horse. My son who is a little nervous around horses walks right up to her all lays over her back and she just stands there. He said “she makes me feel safe around her” Hope is such a sweet sweet horse. She loves being loved. She’ll stand there forever if you’re loving on her. She’s so special.

    • Hope, Patches and Axel
  • Updates on Toffee and Garland. Doing well both of them. Garland is a sweetheart and Toffee is still guarded. Have got their saddles and will be attempting to saddle them soon. Will update with pictures. They are eating well and filling out quit nicely. Thanks for all you do.

    • Toffee and Garland both saved from Slaughter December 2022 and a now living life to its fullest!!
  • I can't believe Boo (Prince) has been in our lives for a whole month now. We have been slowly working with him to build trust in this new environment for him. He’s really coming around. Yesterday we had a friend who is an equine massage therapist come massage him. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of things at first but he really wants to please and the massage gave us some good information about his needs.  The weather here has been so miserable and it’s hard to find both days that are decent weather wise to work in and mostly dry spots to work with him. We do a lot of in hand walks up and down the road and in hand exercises in the barn. He is extremely treat motivated! Here is a video of my husband working with him in the barn on “back, stay, come to” and a photo of bending exercise to build his abdominal tone and top line.   Baby steps… trying to remember that warmer drier days are coming.  I know you have been struggling with weather too ðŸĪŠ.

    Thanks for making it possible for this sweet boy to get another chance.

    • Boo AKA Prince - saved from slaughter January 2023

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We are a Full Circle Of Life Rescue. Our mission is to be there to say YES!! However, a Rescue is only as good as its equipment. We have had our horse trailer since 2003.  This trailer has seen 1000 of miles and has rescued many, many horses, but it is wearing out and we have outgrown it. 

Making two or sometimes three trips to pick up our rescues is very costly and puts on unnecessary miles on our truck, which already has over 200,000 miles on it. It's only a 2016 truck!

Please help us get the stock trailer we need so desperately.

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For The Love of The Hoof
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